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Subject: Gay Tales From Richland.....Chapter 6-A.....Rashad & Jason Disclaimer: The story that you are about to read is my second go at
writing. I have read and enjoyed many of the authors who have
contributed to What you are about to read are thoughts that I
have written down in a journal for many years. child sex clips Some things are partly
true. Others are purely fictional. Names and places have been changed in
order to protect the innocent. There are graphic sexual acts portrayed
in asian children porn
these stories, nude asia child so if you are offended by these situations, please go
no further than amateur child pussy this disclaimer. If you are not offended, please
continue and enjoy.GAY TALES FROM RICHLANDRashad & JasonBy Roger BealsChapter 6-A
##################################################################The Story Thus Far: "Oooooh, Shad! Ohhhhh, Shad! child fuck gallery Your mouth on my cock feels so
stupendous! Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh! nnnnnggggghhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhh! Shad,
I'm gonna cum! Shad, Shad I-I-I looooove you!" Jason screamed as he
thrust his cock in to Rashad's mouth one more time, his body stiffened,
and shot a load of his hot man-cream into Rashad's waiting mouth. Jason
spazmed 3 more times, bathing Rashad's throat with his virgin cum. pic rape child % % % % % % % Rashad pumped Jason's asian child nude rigid Usenet child porn erection until not another drop of child rompl galleries jism
could be found. What had come up before Jason's well ran dry,
Rashad lapped up with vigor. When every last drop of cum was eaten, and Jason's cock had gone
flaccid, Rashad looked lovingly into Jason's eyes, and with happy tears
in his own eyes and voice, had one question for his lover. "Jase, Did you really mean what you said a couple of minutes ago?
Did you really mean it when you said that you love me? "Shad, I was never more sure of anything pregnant children porn in my whole life. I love
you more than life itself." Jason answered, with a question of his own.
Is it all right for two men to fall in love? I sure hope it is, because
I lolta child russia can't think of anyone else that I would rather be with than you, babe.
I love you with all of my heart, Shad." When Rashad heard those words from Jason's lips, he laid down beside
him and kissed him on the lips. It was the sweetest kiss that they had
experienced Usenet child porn
that day. It was a loving kiss shared by two lovers. It was
a kiss that only two lovers would understand. As they were kissing, Jason reached between Rashad's legs and wrapped
his hand around his lover's rigid fuck pole, and began to masturbate
him. With all things being equal, Jason broke the kiss and knelt between
Rashad's legs, and, without any warning whatsoever, sucked Rashad's
gorgeous ebony hard-on, oozing with precum, deep in to his mouth. Jason
was amazed at how tasty his friend's juices were. He loved the feel
of the spongy head and the 8" shaft in his mouth. Rashad was happy that Jason was such a quick learner, for it wasn't
long before Rashad was spewing his hot ball cream in to Jason's mouth.
Jason was most happy that he was able to swallow all of his partner's
cum. "Ohhhhh, Jase, you don't know how long I've waited for this day.
I've wanted to get inside your pants ever since we were 15 years old,"
Rashad told Jason. "What do you mean, Shad? What happened when we were 15?" Jason
asked. "You won't remember this," Rashad began, "but we were child sexs fuck sitting in the
study hall one afternoon. We were reading an American History book for a
special project. child sex clips It was the beginning of June, and it was blistering
hot. Principal Phelps allowed us to wear shorts to school on the day in
question. You and I had decided to wear our cut-off jeans. You looked
really great in them, and, may I add, you still know how to fill out a
pair of cut-off's. Your ass looked great, and your legs looked
absolutely beautiful. But your basket was your crowning glory. "Why, thank you, Shad," Jason said, his face flushed with
embarrassment, "but tell me, what happened in the library study hall that
day in June 3 years child erotica thumbs ago?" "Well," Rashad continued with his narrative, "as we were reading our
books, I happened to notice that you were rubbing your left leg and
crotch. I wondered what in the world was going on with you. I thought
maybe you had an itch that needed attention. But as I kept glancing over
at you, I noticed that your cock had swelled inside your jeans. The
outline of your hard-on was right on. I could even see the imprint of
the helmet clearly defined." "These sex-ed classes have really settled in to your mind very well,"
Jason said with a chuckle. "Tell me, what happened next? Your story has
me really intrigued." "Well," Rashad continued, "I couldn't believe what I observed next.
You adult children doujinshis had massaged your cock so well that it wasn't long before I saw your
purple dick head poke out from the cuff of your cut-offs. Jase, you
don't know what a beautiful sight that was. I was so enthralled at what
I was seeing that I wanted to reach and give that gorgeous hunk of meat a
couple of good squeezes right then and there." "I wish you had done that, Shad," Jason lamented. "If you had, we
might have been doing this three years ago. Here I've been beating my
meat since I was 10, and cumming since I was 13. What we just did here
this afternoon was a whole lot nicer, and a hell of a lot cleaner. The
greatest thing about it is that all of the evidence is inside of us, and
not on our sheets, tank-tops, child sex story or boxers or briefs." "I know what you mean, Jase, but I figured that if I had touched your
cock child modeols
that day, you would have clobbered me right on the spot, or even
worse, you might've killed me!" Rashad answered. Jason leaned over and gave his friend-turned-lover a kiss, and patted
Rashad's swelling cock. "Ohhhhh, Shad! My dearest Shad! As much as I
enjoy masturbating myself, I would have loved it if you, my best friend
in the whole world, had given my dick a couple of squeezes that
afternoon. We might have has to find some out-of-the-way place to go and
explore each other's naked bodies. Why we may have even sucked each
other off, and started our relationship at 15 instead of 18. Which
reminds me, I guess this means that we are both homosexuals, or, as
people like to call us, GAYS! Whatever term they use, I'm very happy and
proud to be your gay lover, Shad. I never thought that I would say this
to anyone, much less my best friend, but I love you Shad, with all of my
heart and soul." Rashad's voice quivered as he responded to Jason, "Ohhhhh, Jase,
those are the sweetest words that I have ever heard you utter. And, you
are absolutely right about one thing. We are gay, and like you, I am
happy and proud to be your gay lover." Tears of happiness were rolling down the cheeks of both teens. It
was Jason who suggested that they seal their newfound love with a kiss.
They were lying together on the bed when they started kissing. With
their naked bodies pressed together, it wasn't long before their cocks
were hard again. Once more, soft moans were emanating from their
throats. It was Rashad who broke the silence. "Jase, how would you like to try something quite extraordinary?" "I wouldn't mind trying anything with you, sweetness," Jason
replied. "Just what is it that you want to try?" "Did you enjoy it when I sucked your naked child lollita cock?" Rashad asked. "Did I ever? It was fuckin' fantastic!" Jason answered. "And did you enjoy sucking my cock and eating my cum?" "Ohhhhh, most definitely," Jason replied, "and may I add, you tasted
downright delectable." "And I loved sucking you off and having you suck me off," Rashad
stated, "but I child sexs fuck think that there's another way that we can make each other
feel good at the same time." Jason's ears perked up. "How can we do that, Babe?" "We can suck each other off at the same time!" Rashad said. "It's
called 'sixty-nining'." "That sounds interesting," Jason exclaimed, "and I'd love to try it!
Let's do it!" "Wonderful! All we have to do is lie down so that we are facing each
other's cock, and when we feel ready, we'll begin to suck each other
off! We keep sucking until we both shoot our wads into each other's
mouth!" Rashad said with earnest enthusiasm. Rashad switched his position on the bed so that his head was now at
the foot of the bed facing Jason's beaconing hard-on. Jason, on the other hand, was lying face-to-face with the eye for
Rashad's wondrously stiff dick staring hungrily at him. Before the two lovers chowed down on each other's manhood, they began
to masturbate one another. They continued jerking each other off until
Jason noticed that Rashad's cock was leaking precum. The crystal-clear
fluid looked so inviting, the Jason couldn't resist taking the bulbous
knob between his lips and begin to swallow each delicious inch of the
ebony shaft. Rashad moaned softly as he felt his swollen member
disappearing in to the depths of Jason's hot mouth. It wasn't long
before Jason felt Rashad's warm, moist mouth devouring his ivory tower,
and thus childporn xxx
completing the man-to-man circuit, sending sexual, electrical
impulses through each young man's body. Soon the teens were sucking each other with determined lust, and
before long, they were going down on each other, their heads going down
the full length of each other's cock shaft, then traveling back up to the
knob, swirling their wet tongues around the glans penis, and then going
back down to the base. The next thing Rashad and Jason knew, they were
pile-driving their cocks into each other's mouth. The friction that the
thrusting and bobbing and sucking finally took its toll. Each lad felt
his nuts drawing up and his orgasm building to a crescendo that neither
one of them had ever experienced before. Jason amateur child pussy
was the first to lose the
contents of his balls, coating the inside of Rashad's mouth with his hot,
milky-white jism. Tasting Jason's bountiful offering sent Rashad's cock
spewing forth his love gift into Jason's waiting mouth. After 3 or 4 more spurts of ejaculate, Rashad and Jason hand-pumped
each other until every scrumptious child pics free drop of cum had been milked and lapped
up. Once their cocks had deflated, Rashad returned to his original spot,
lying down that he was facing his lover once again. "Ohhhhh, Shad, that was out of non nude child
this world! Is there no limit as to
what two men in love with each other can, or cannot do? That
super-fantastic!" Jason exclaimed. "There are other things that we can do, but I childporno videos think that we should
save them for another time. After all, we don't want to put all of eggs
in one basket (pun alert) now, do we?" Rashad asked I agree with you one-hundred per cent. Besides, I love surprises.
It'll give us both something to look forward to," Jason concurred. Once again, Jason and Rashad found themselves French-kissing, reaming
each other's mouth with their tongues, and getting a taste of their own
cum. danmark child porn
It was 3:00 PM. Both Rashad and Jason were tired child porn paysite out from their
exercise and the sadness amateur child pussy of the funeral. Jason go up and got a clan
sheet from the linen closet. Before returning to the bed, Jason went
over and locked his bedroom door. He didn't want anyone walking in on
the two of them. He returned child sex clips and laid down on the soft comforter, opened
the fresh sheet, and let it cover their nude bodies. He cradled Rashad
in his arms and began kissing the back of his lover's neck. "Shad, I just wanted you to know that I love you very much, and that
I am thoroughly enjoying our afternoon together. You've made me the
happiest man in Richland," Jason whispered. "My sweet Jason, I don't know what to say except that I love you too,
and that we are not only the two happiest men in Richland, today, we're
the two happiest men on the planet. And, we are going to be happy
together for the rest of our lives," Rashad remarked. Setting his child masturbating pics alarm clock for 5:30 PM, Jason and Rashad child incest stories cuddled in the
spoon position under the sheet, with child hentai game
Rashad draping his right childporn xxx arm over
his Jason's naked body. They were soon off retro childporn to dreamland (dreaming of
sucking each other off again, no doubt).##################################################################This ends chapter 6-A of Rashad & Jason. Chapter 7-A will soon follow.
What's going to happen next? Well, I can hardly wait to tell you, so
watch for the next exciting episode. If you have enjoyed this story so
far, and,
if you have any comments or suggestions of any kind, please feel free to
write me at Thanks, and please, read the child porn nl
stories that all of the fine authors
have posted. They are excellent.Happy Reading
Roger Beals
Richmond, Virginia
United States of America
Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute?
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